The A-Z Guide to Black Oppression (Pre-Order)

The A-Z Guide to Black Oppression (Pre-Order)

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  • Comes with Intelexual Media notepads and bookmark

Product Info: In 26 informative and entertaining essays, this book will make it crystal clear for everyone of all races how statements like "racism is over" are completely wrong. History has shaped America into what it is today. We are a country that looks back on its achievements with pride while downplaying and erasing some failures altogether. It has become all too easy for the pain and problems of black Americans to be blamed on everything but virulent systems of oppression that have existed since this country's inception. No more. After you read this book, there will be no more doubts. You will not be able to turn back. This book serves not to victimize black people, but to thoroughly explain the traps endangering us and the next generation. Whether you are pro-black, an ally, a skeptic, or just want to know more, this book is the education we all need.