New Intelexual Media Book Bundle (Pre-Order)

New Intelexual Media Book Bundle (Pre-Order)

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    • Get both Angry Black Girl and "Who Said Dat": 500 Black A** Quotes From Intellectuals, Historical Figures, Celebs, and Everyday People for $17 (retail value: $24)

Pre-Order ends on January 19th and all orders will ship on or before February 15th.  If you don't want to wait a month for your books, I understand. You can purchase them for $24 (plus shipping) on amazon. 

 Product Descriptions: 

  • Angry Black Girl: Contains 21 previously and newly released essays on racism, gender, sexism, and America. 5x8 trade paperback
  • "Who Said Dat:" This Intelexual Media reference guide is sure to give anyone a plethora of social media captions, essay citations, and/or snap backs for real life situations. 500 quotes in a 5x8 trade paperback